Monday, June 17, 2013

Who Said Kansas Is Flat?


After a day in the car it was time to hit the ground and ride. And it wasn't good.

I was excited to meet my 4th cousin, by marriage, Nick Schotamus. Oooh, he is younger than I thought.

The only chance I had was Nick only had his single speed bike. Didn't matter.

My Garmin was like me - broke for the day. It recorded the first 10-15 miles then quit. When it finally came back the first segment was gone.

This was Kansas - near Kansas City. The route had some incredible rollers. The terrain reminded me of Pittsburgh although in a suburban and country environment. We would hit these steep climbs then have steep descents. It was anything but flat.

Karen Schotamus, Barry Sherry, Nick Schotamus

At the end my legs felt like Jell-O, something I never felt after a week of riding in the Rockies. But more importantly I got to meet my cousins. This was a special day even if I sucked.

Nick's Strava:

My partial recording

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