Saturday, June 8, 2013



I began the day in Colorado Springs where I parked at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and boarded a bus along with other riders for Ride the Rockies. We were transported to Telluride for check in.

As a rookie, the first day was a little daunting. Grab the luggage from the bus, check in with Ride the Rockies, check in with Alpine Cycle Connection, check in with Alpine Lodging. Take a bus to the Riverside Condo. Drop luggage. Go back to check in. Find bike. Remove it from crate. Build it. Take box to High Country Shipping and pay to have it shipped to Colorado Springs. Relax.

Once I could relax I decided to explore a little. I took a bike path out of town until it ended. There I met Chris and Erin, two locals from Telluride who had paddle down the river. I meet a lot of fun folks and they were the most fun of the day. "Carbon neutral" or zero as Chris described it. They paddled down and would hitch a ride back in a passing pickup truck. And they did.

Telluride is a former silver mining town. Victorian homes are ever present. The scenery is stunning.
Don't Be the Bunny

Just eight blocks wide and 12 blocks long I felt I didn't have enough time to really explore. Light was fading. 

My lodging was in the Riverside Condos along with my roommate for the week, Scott Olson.

View from the Condo
I did not take the free gondola up to the mountain village. Saving something for next time.

I don't think I've seen a town with so many dogs. Big dogs. Friendly big dogs. 

This is a delightful town.


The downtown was closed off for the evening for entertainment. My friends, Chris and Erin asked if I would join them but I was on eastern time. It was bedtime. And a big ride tomorrow awaits.

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