Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ding Dong Avon Calling



Leaving Steamboat Springs

It was a bit chilly as I rolled out of Steamboat Springs. Then again, these are the mountains and the mornings are cool. I found the bike path and took it to the route. Once one the road, the same as we rode yesterday in our loop, I was enjoying solo time when a massive group rolled by.

Unlike last year, this year's route was not conducive to forming pace lines. Even if one formed I said I wasn't going to ride in one. Then I foolishly jumped in. Included in the group was a Wounded Warrior with no arms and a butt brake. We were rolling. I averaged 1.5 mph faster on the road to Oak Creek - the same place we rode to yesterday. 

Steamboat Springs Visitor Center

This wasn't a true pace line. It was just a large group with the same people pulling and a bunch of wheel suckers. Me. Not knowing the skills of the riders I decided to drop off, did, then soon found myself on the back of the group again. But it broke up completely with a little climb to Oak Creek.

Oak Creek Miners Museum

Miners Wall

Photo: Group M. 11:25

After the first rest station, I met Lisa Smith for the second time in the week. She introduced me to her friends Roger and Jeanie Schultz. I rode for about one minute before dropping for a photo op. After the picture I caught back up to Roger and rode with him and Jeanie to rest stop 2. Roger asked if I was glad to drop and not try to stay with Lisa. He may have been right.

Finger Rock

At Finger Rock I dropped again, only to rejoin and enjoy our conversation. That would last to the next stop and I would not see them again the rest of the day.

And you thought you had a dandelion problem

We had been enjoying the benefits of an awesome tail wind but it turned into a head wind when the road turned. I rode the climb and descent solo, passing many on the descent. I am either a dumb descender or fearless but it is one advantage I seem to have on 95% of the riders here. I go down hills well.

I stopped at the third rest area, ate some grapes, didn't see anyone I knew, and then moved on.

Made me giggle. Probably had said Poor and
someone made an editorial change

I hadn't gone very far when I saw and stopped at a tiny post office and talked with the postmaster. She said things have really gotten bad in the last two years. Glad I left. 

Tiny Post Office
Bond, CO
I saw a bridge ahead and because of the warning sign knew it was State Bridge but was disappointed. I was hoping for something very majestic. It was just a bridge.

State Bridge CO
Colorado River

On the climb up the pass from State Bridge I first was talking to a young lady riding for the Children's Tumor Foundation. She was wearing a riding kit made to look like lingerie. Cute.

Children's Tumor Foundation

I also got a demerit from the Colorado State Police for not riding single file. Oops. I ended up pacing a medic, Lori, up the climb. I met her last year and she remembered me. The policeman simply pointed to climb single file.

Sheep. Lots of sheep.

We had another nice descent to bomb although both had winds around 30 mph making 50 mph impossible. The wind both held me back and made it a bit dangerous trying to control the bike at high speed.

Leaving the fourth rest stop I was again riding alone until four riders passed me. I jumped on their wheels and as we passed a young lady struggling I motioned for her to follow me. She did. When I bailed at a stop light and stopped at a convenience store for a Cliff Bar she said she was really struggling until I invited her to ride along. She was right. The last 10 miles did rise, albeit at 2-3%, it was just enough to drag one down.

Just an entrance to a Golf Club
Eagle Springs Golf Club

At the end we were met by young ladies in baker"s uniforms with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. What a way to end a ride. And I didn't take a picture.

Credit: Ziggy

But Ziggy Emme did.

Eagle River

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