Friday, February 17, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons Go For a Bike Ride


Well, here I go again.

But this doesn't suck. Cancer sucks.

My knee has been hurting, especially when walking or running. I don't remember a traumatic injury - in fact, I don't think there was one. But it was always worse after I played Ultimate (sometimes incorrectly called Ultimate Frisbee). Since there wasn't an injury I just have to think how long this has been bothering me. Probably about 10 weeks.

I sucked it up. I took a deep breath. I manned up. I went to see my doctor.

My doctor did some range of motion tests and diagnosed it: Torn meniscus.

After the doctor visit I went for a bike ride. There is nothing better to clear the mind and just enjoy the ride. And it was a day that I went over 500 miles for the year -- on February 17.
Usually I have 100 miles or less by this date. My fast start? Maybe too good to be true.

I have no answers. I do have fear. Fear that at age 65 I will not be able to walk. 

I had foot surgeries in 2003 and 2004. And a torn meniscus in 2006.

Wonder what this means?
I have some cycling goals for 2012 -- Ride the Rockies. Mount Washington. Now I don't know.
But my doctor says cycling is the best thing I can do. So I will continue to ride. Even though it hurts.
I'm frustrated. I don't know what's next. But when life gives you lemons, go for a bike ride.


  1. Friend: Many years ago I was into long distance running and lost everything except for my first wife who is around here somewhere. Do not be a fool. Been there. Done that. I started running again too far too soon. At 67 I'm just glad to walk. Take it real easy. If it hurts more than just a little bit you are pushing too hard. You are not what's his name whom you saw fly by and maybe touched or pictured. You are a guy that just needs to hold everything together. Just take it easy and do not press yourself too hard for many months. Call me gimp. I won't say what wife calls me.

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