Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Torri di Fraele


Nice ride. Easy day. We all rolled out at 9:00 a.m. We began some small climbing (3-4% is almost a flat road here) to the town of Prado. Turning in town, we began a pretty steep little climb. This climb would take us to the main road, which was basically wide enough for one and one half cars. Luckily, there were few cars on this road because it only leads up to a dead end.

Torri di Fraele

The climb was to Torri di Fraele, towers built in 1391 (how do they really know?) which protected Bormio from invasion. Once we turned onto the real climb, there were 17 switchbacks to the top. Unlike the Stelvio, none were numbered or signed so we never knew our progress.

At the top of the climb

Reaching the top I went out to the towers and admired the view. With rain in the forecast, we noticed the weather seemed much cooler and took the road back down, albeit a bit shorter, straighter, and probably steeper.

The big discussion last night was who wanted to ride back up Stelvio today. Two of our group would. 

Gary Zentmeyer, James Shanahan, Don Sheppard

I had thought climbing Stelvio after this ride but with a big climb tomorrow and no support today for a Stelvio ride, decided against it. It was a wise decision. Both riders froze today on their descent. They had to be helped out of their clothes they were so cold.

Nick, Barry

I simply did a bit of exploring in town before shutting it down for the day. Neat little town.

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