Friday, June 27, 2014

Classic Climbs of the Dolomites


I came to Italy for the Trek Travel trip called Classic Climbs of the Dolomites. I arrived in Milan yesterday, and wasn't too impressed, mostly because everywhere I walked I had to breathe in second hand smoke. It was worse than Heinz Field after a Steelers win.

Train Station Milan

I took the train today to Verona then switched to Bolzano. I met our Trek Travel guide, Sonja Schmidt, at the train station where we were shuttled out to Nova Levante.

After grabbing our bikes, James Shanahan, had us introduce ourselves by offering a safety announcement. I chose watch out for cars, even while off the road, offering up the case Jamie Roberts who was killed June 13 in Kentucky.

As I did we were showered upon with tears from heaven. Lots of tears and it felt good.

I missed an announcement at having an "avid" option and the whole group rolled out as one. We began a 5.5 mile climb, pretty easy. We mostly rolled together. Then we rolled over the top and down a number of switchbacks to Moena and our hotel for the next three days.

This is uphill although it may not look like it

Not much more to say. Met the group. Short ride. Looking forward to tomorrow

Moena, Italy

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