Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pagosa Springs


The profile for today's stage looked like the wires on a suspension bridge. The first 14 miles were up, followed by 37 miles of down, then 32 miles of up, followed by a downhill into Pagosa Springs.

Pretty as a golf course
But it's not

As with every morning, it was in the 40s when we rolled out. We had stayed at a Best Western in Durango which provided a Continental Breakfast which was good enough. But we were soon on a 14 mile climb and Scott Olson and I were soon separated as I popped out of the pack to take photos.

But we were picking up speed and I was able to find him in the pack and we just rolled the middle section. We stayed together and at Arboles, Mile 51, we were able to roll out of the aid station together. At this point we were a little more than one mile from New Mexico. We were truly in the southwest corner of Colorado.

Long somewhat boring roads

As Chimney Rock came into view we were both jockeying for the best photo ops. He would stop. I would stop. I stayed with him until one mile before the aid station at Hwy 160, Mile 69. I sat up and took a breather. He rolled out of the aid station ahead of me and I took it slow and took more pictures.

Two miles from Pagosa Springs the road dropped down. Although it was soon signed for 35 mph I wondered if this was a trick as I was hitting 45 mph. Then I spotted a Subway and my stomach said to go for it. I ordered a sandwich, had it doubled bagged, and rolled on to the high school where I found a little shade and ate.

Subway. Eat Fresh.

Back at the hotel, Scott and I went to a Mexican restaurant and admired the spa across the river. Hot springs. Everywhere.

After dinner I even found one and soaked my legs. Very relaxing if not a bit smelly.

Soaking in the natural hot springs

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