Friday, August 14, 2009

A Little Bit Nervous


This morning I was in Portland, Maine. It was a beautiful day for a ride and I rode out to the Portland Headlight.

But not before passing a statue of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, author of "Paul Revere's Ride." Longfellow was born in Portland.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This is my last day on the flats before tomorrow's cruel ride. It was a 20 mile ride just to keep the legs loose.

Looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. The Portland Headlight is just to the left of this frame.

I went out through downtown Portland and crossed this bridge but came back via Broadway and a bike/rail trail where I snapped this photo.

Tomorrow's ride: To say that's I'm nervous would be, well, correct. It's such a brutal climb.

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  1. Marilyn has required that I print your entries for her to read as she does not want to come near my computer. She has her atlas out and is tracking your movements by pencil and pen. She demands more detail about times and distances and places and weather reports. You have the beginning of a major fan club. Ron