Monday, June 15, 2009

I Don't Suck -- I Have Cancer


It was just one week ago that I rode almost 60 miles up through Catoctin Mountain Park past Camp David. On the return to the starting location, I struggled to keep pace with our group of 12 but did hang on. Then I developed a fever. Again.

This was about the sixth fever in the past three weeks. There was something wrong.

I really thought I sucked and was disappointed that I struggled on the day. My fitness level seemed to drop super fast.

After a few more days of being sick and doctor's visits and tests, I learned this fact: I Don't Suck, I Have Cancer.

Racing up Mount Washington last year is but a distant memory. Racing this year has been postponed. I have a bigger mountain to climb now. And I'm scared to death.

At the requests of some friends, I have created a CaringBridge Page in which you can follow my journey.

NOTE - AUGUST 18, 2009 -- I originally posted this the day I learned I had cancer and it remained up for about one week. Then I began a series of second and third opinions, more tests and biopsies so I removed the post pending verification of the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, the doctor on June 15 was right with his finding and I have decided to make this post visible again.

UPDATE - MARCH 20, 2010 -- As a follow up, the damn cancer wasn't making me sick, but instead, it was a pretty nasty e.Coli infection. Post should have been I Don't Suck - I Have an e.Coli Infection. But the testing and diagnosis did lead to the discovery of cancer.

Maybe my last trip - Campground Number 3 - should have been a clue. Outside of my Mount Washington races, my heart rate was the highest it has ever been. I was "in the red" for 17 minutes on that ride as my body struggled to keep up with what should have been an easy ride.


  1. I was shocked to hear this and want you to know I am here for you in any way you need me. Be it to listen and to hear yourself talk, offer you support or assistance, or good cheer.

  2. We are all on your team. Let us know how to help. Ron