Monday, May 18, 2009

Seven Point Six Miles


Seven point six miles is the distance up the Mount Washington Auto Road. It is also the distance that I rode today, three days after my bike crash which resulted in a broken wrist.

Perhaps there is some symbolism here. Maybe it's a "sign" but I'm not sure I believe in signs.

I crashed three days ago more figuratively than literally. A broken wrist and six weeks off the bike off would kill my fitness and preparation for the Mount Washington Climb. Information in the emergency room was hard to come by. I was told simply what I pretty much knew - I broke my wrist.

There was a report slipped in with my X-rays but I dropped those at my former* orthopedic surgeon's office on Friday without reading it. I should have read it.

Today was the day to be fitted for a cast. I was not nearly as depressed going into today than I was on Friday. On Friday I believed all my riding had ended. But over the weekend I decided I could, at a minimum, ride a trainer for the next six weeks although I would miss the long training rides with Potomac Pedalers. I would have to be careful and always remain seated because I couldn't stand and put weight on my wrist.

But doing training work while seated would be better training than out of the saddle. This may turn out okay after all. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather not have a broken wrist but I will make the best of it.

Here is my report: Faint transverse radiolucent line in the distal epiphysis of the radius along the lateral margin suggests undisplaced fracture. The doctor went with a short cast over forearm, waterproof (cool!) and for four weeks, at my urging. I'll have another X-ray in four weeks and will probably go to hard brace for two weeks after that.

I'm going to make 7.6 miles.

*I wrote about my former orthopedic surgeon. Here's why.

Rather then go straight to the E.R. on Friday I thought of my surgeon who has X-ray equipment in his office. Thinking I would cut out the middledoc, I went to his office and asked if he could see me. I was told he couldn't which was partially expected.

Being a foot and knee patient since 1991, I was hoping not to be treated as some walk-in but with some deference to my history there. The receptionist told me to wait and she would check. She checked, presumably with the doctor but who knows? Come back to see us after the E.R.

In the E.R. a nurse asked if I had an orthopedic surgeon. Almost without listening to my answer (yes) she then offered her opinion, "the only thing I would suggest is not to go to [fill in former doctor's name here]." I told her that was my doctor but I would respect her opinion.

After two hours in the E.R. (not bad for an E.R. visit) I left with my X-rays and drove to Dr. Former's office. When I tried to make an appointment for Monday I was told the earliest would be Thursday. Frustrated and hurting, I left my X-rays at the office and left.

Potomac Hospital had an orthopedic doctor, Joseph Hannah, on duty so I found his number and called the office. They would work me in on Monday.

Monday came and I went to Dr. Former's office to pick up my X-ray. They wanted to know if I had made an appointment to pick up my X-rays. Arrrg. Fifteen minutes later I was out of there on to see Dr. Hannah. And he's good.

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